2019 Home Loan & Lifestyle Tips Series – Tip 1) 5 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home

2019 Platinum Lending Group Home Loan &  Lifestyle Tips Series

Following on from our popular “2018 ATO Tax Tips Series” Platinum Lending Group are excited to start the new year with a new BLOG series providing our customers & followers with informative & helpful tips on  navigating the loan market & simple ways to improve your home & lifestyle. What better way to start the new year then by decluttering your home ready for the year ahead !

Tip 1) Five Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home

Whether you’re due for a clean-out, need to make space,moving or downsizing, or preparing to sell your home, decluttering can bring both a clear space and a clear mind. Here are some simple steps to help you cull with confidence:

Step 1 ) Love it, Use it or Lose It ! – Handle each item once & decide how you really feel about it. If you don’t love it or use it then its time to lose it !

Step 2 ) Form & Function – Is it broken or damaged? If it really mattered wouldn’t you have mended it by now ? Time to get rid of it !

Step 3) The 2 Year Rule – You say you have “nothing to wear” but your wardrobe is bulging. If you haven’t worn something in the past 2 years it’s time to donate it to charity.

Step 4) Done & Dusted – Your storage spaces are filled with boxes of outdated kitchen gadgets, unused gym equipment, CDs, books & baby clothes from your now grown up children. Pack them up & pass them on.

Step 5) Computer Says “No” – Holding on to floppy disks, cassette tapes, old mobiles & computers? Transfer & back up anything that matters. Then drop electronic items off at your nearest e-waste recycler.

Step 6) One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure – The artwork your great aunt left you. The ring your ex gave you. If items don’t mean anything to you anymore its time to let them go.If valuable sell them online or take them to your nearest Cash Converters. If in good condition donate them to a local charity or have a garage sale.

Now that your home is organised  its time to do the same with your finances ! Contact our team at Platinum Lending Group on 0488725700 to arrange a Complimentary Review of your home loan & other liabilities. We will help you consolidate & organise your debts to best suit your personal circumstances & ensure 2019 starts off on the right financial foot. https://www.platinumlendinggroup.com.au/contact-us/